Customer service

 Service range
1.We provide Co2 laser tube from 80w-150w for all kinds of laser machine.
2.Laser Focus Lens made of ZnSe
3. We also provide the whole Laser cutting machine and engraving machine and other relative accessory. 

How come the Co2 Laser tube breaks or cracks, and the water cooled head falls off?

Check and confirm the following:

  1. The water temperature is controlled in a range from 25-30degree, In cold regions, the cooling water should be drained from the laser tube after use.
  2. The carbon dioxide laser tube works properly under the protection of the cooling water.
  3. The water pipe is in good condition
  4. The water pressure and flow rate are normal
  5. There are no bubbles inside the laser tube

Why does the laser processing equipment work ineffectively and have a low power?

 First, check the beam mode of the Co2 laser tube by placing masking tape at the first total reflector of the window. If the beam mode is not correct, please contact us. If the beam mode is in proper working condition. Please check that the reflection and focus lenses are clean.

Why does the laser processing equipment work properly at first, but gradually becomes more ineffective later?

Please examine and ensure the supporting joint of the sealed laser tube is in its proper place. Also make sure that the water temperature is at 30, the laser lens has an effective heat dissipation, and the flow rate of the cooling water is regular. The cooling water should also be clean. If the above items are working properly, then inspect the laser tube for a quality problem.